As leaders, sometimes it’s actually our questions that communicate to the team what we value— better than anything else we say really can.

“What did you learn this week?” is a great question for a Friday morning.

It communicates that we expect our teams to have learned something in the first place. It communicates that we care about our people’s ongoing career development. And it communicates that we’re actually counting on them to use the training resources that we’ve provided to help make the organization better than ever.

However, as a Red Hat partner, Level Up Technology has found that on the road to becoming cloud native, not all training resources are created equal. The leaders who are most successful at building true learning cultures give their organizations ready access to the very best self-paced training labs and documentation available.

And when it comes to Red Hat– whether it’s Ansible, OpenShift, RHEL or anything else– why settle for a 3rd-party academy… when your team can be learning directly from the source?

So… what did you learn this week?

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