Video: Paul Liebrand, “Building Cloud Ready Apps” meetup

The “Building Cloud Ready Apps” keynote was Paul Liebrand, Director of Technology Transformation at Pacific Life. This highlight from LA DevOps and Cloud’s virtual meetup was recorded on September 24th, 2020. The full meetup recap is here: LA DevOps and Cloud:

Recap: Building Cloud Ready Apps Virtual Meetup 9/24/20

Last week, Level Up co-sponsored another virtual LA DevOps and Cloud meetup: “Building Cloud Ready Apps“. Our keynote speaker was Paul Liebrand, Directory of Technology Transformation at Pacific Life. Video: LA DevOps and Cloud was excited to welcome back Emily Brand, Chief Architect at Red Hat to the panel. Also with us was Dominic Scimeca, Senior

Video: Becoming Cloud Native [Exec Overview]

Check out this exec overview of our video series, “Becoming Cloud Native: What to do when your company WASN’T born in the cloud”: Red Hat partner Level Up Technology summarizes our Pro Tips for becoming cloud native, all learned by our architects over the last decade spent in larger DevOps and Cloud environments. And please

Video: Part 3: Network Automation with Ansible [Becoming Cloud Native] (Automation)

Along with your CDN, load balancers are a big part of the “first impression” user experience that’s created whenever customers launch your apps. Doesn’t that mean your developers should be front and center in making decisions about how they actually run? With Ansible for network automation, developers can take ownership of UX starting at the