The Password Security Dilemma: Better Options For AAP Setup Inventories

As with just about all things Ansible, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (AAP)’s installation pretty much starts with prepping an inventory file. Super helpfully, the AAP installation is itself based on Ansible (which makes both hurdling any troubles encountered during install, as well as performing future upgrades, more seamless). This inventory file contains the essential

Automate Windows With Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform – Free June 8th Workshop

How can you plan an effective, secure, compliant IT strategy across your varied IT stacks?    This no-cost workshop, which is presented by Red Hat® award-winning Premier Partner Level Up, guides you through configuring Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform controller to connect to Windows Server instances for automating various operational tasks. Once the Ansible Automation Platform

Unlock the Potential of the Ansible Template Module: Top Tips for Dynamic Configuration Files

Are you over deploying manually config files that change from one environment to another? Done with managing seemingly-random parameters via those old-school, cryptic, regular expressions? Well then, welcome to a no-worries future where the Ansible template module is always here for you, no matter what sort of complicated logic you might need to throw at

Important Firewall Changes for AAP EE Images

Overview Hey everybody, it’s April and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) execution environment (EE) images are (at least kind of) on the move! The way Red Hat serves filesystem blobs for all of its container images, including the must-have Red Hat-provided Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) execution environment images, is about to undergo an important

The Ansible file module

The Ansible file module manages files and file properties on Linux hosts. You can use it to create, delete, and modify files, as well as set permissions– it even works with symlinks. This module is also regularly used in combination with modules like Ansible’s copy and template to transfer files from a local host (or