What we mean when we say that Ansible is a declarative (rather than imperative) infrastructure automation framework, and why that’s better for your organization on the road to becoming cloud native.

As part of the “Becoming Cloud Native with Red Hat Emerging Technologies” playlist, this video is one in a series on Automation topics, in which Red Hat systems integrator partner Level Up Technology is highlighting important features and third-party integrations of Ansible and the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (aka Tower), which you may not be using yet, but which we believe can help accelerate your company’s infrastructure automation adoption curve and create an even bigger impact for both your team and your internal IT customers alike.

The video addresses the following key questions:

1.) What is the difference between declarative and imperative in terms of configuration management systems?

2.) What does Ansible do when it is asked to make a change to a node that doesn’t actually need it?

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