Level Up was thrilled to be part of the Cloud Native Patterns meetup at the TrueCar Santa Monica offices on November 20th. There were over 50 RSVP’s, and we really enjoyed having a chance to connect with so many members of the new LA DevOps and Cloud meetup group.

Meetup keynote speaker Regis Wilson shared insights into some of TrueCar’s recent public cloud adoption wins with his presentation on “AWS Lambda@Edge: The Swiss Army Knife of CDN’s”. TrueCar has achieved really impressive increases in UX speeds along with reductions in cloud spend by embracing AWS native serverless architectures at their unique scale. You can check out Regis’ presentation slides here.

Red Hat’s Dan Shays was kind enough to travel to join us, and his presentation was on “Automating Across Silos: The Value of a Holistic Automation Strategy”. Red Hat’s essential message about the value of enterprise-ready solutions like Ansible in the modern IT organization is as clear as it is compelling.

Level Up’s Chief Architect Daniel Goosen also gave an opening talk titled “Becoming Cloud Native: What to Do When Your Company Wasn’t Born in the Cloud”. (A blog version of this should be posted here in the near future.)

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