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MOVING AT THE SPEED OF DEVOPS To paraphrase Alan Kay, we believe that inventing the future of your IT organization...

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Infrastructure Automation We help your team to take its first steps with automation, or support you in taking giant leaps with...

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Email: info@levelupla.io | Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA, USA | Main: 818.259.7344 Business hours: M-F (8am-5pm)...

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Video: Ansible Playbooks [Ansible 101 Workshop Series]

“Ansible 101 Playbooks”, part of the Ansible Workshop Series, presented by Level Up. This video includes live demos showing how you can write playbooks to start automating your organization’s configuration management and application deployment tasks. Examples include: 1. First playbook: Verifying Apache 2. Removing Apache 3. Configuring Apache 4. SIDEBAR: Introducing ansible-lint 5. Using Variables,

Your First 10 Ansible Modules

Like all code, your infrastructure code has a certain grammar. When discussing Ansible in grammatical terms, the inventory is really the first noun you have to know (after all, nothing ever runs without defining some host(s) for Ansible to run it on). Along those same grammar lines, modules are basically your verbs. Almost everything you’ll

Video: Paul Liebrand, “Building Cloud Ready Apps” meetup

The “Building Cloud Ready Apps” keynote was Paul Liebrand, Director of Technology Transformation at Pacific Life. This highlight from LA DevOps and Cloud’s virtual meetup was recorded on September 24th, 2020. The full meetup recap is here: https://levelupla.io/recap-building-cloud-ready-apps-virtual-meetup/ LA DevOps and Cloud: https://www.meetup.com/LA-DevOps-Cloud

Recap: Ansible 101 Workshop Wednesday September 23rd, 2020

Last week, Level Up led an online Ansible 101 workshop, primarily focused on today’s unique challenges and opportunities for the healthcare sector. Why Ansible? Because it’s one of the fastest growing and already most popular infrastructure automation solutions, running on over 4 million nodes, with 500,000 downloads per month, and 1,000+ Ansible Automation customers globally,